Our people are the difference. Learn more about their backgrounds and expertise.

Ashvin Bachireddy
Ashvin BachireddyPartner and Co-Founder
Stavroula Cannon
Stavroula Cannon Administrative Assistant
Matt Fuller
Matt FullerPartner
Sourav Gupta
Sourav GuptaSenior Associate
Nobi Hirooka
Nobi Hirooka
Jacqueline Jimenez
Jacqueline JimenezExecutive Assistant
James Kondo
James KondoSenior Advisor
Jessica Lazos
Jessica LazosExecutive Assistant
Jon Rezneck
Jon RezneckPartner and COO
John Roos
John RoosPartner and Co-Founder
Chick Runkel
Chick RunkelProject Manager
Susie Roos
Susie RoosPartner and CAO
Brent Wu
Brent WuPartner

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