Noun: The shortest distance between two points on the Earth’s surface. Geodesic Capital provides the shortest route between Silicon Valley and Japan.

A Unique Vision

Building a global company is never easy. The process of international expansion is still largely unautomated and the farther you are from home, the more useful local connections and know-how become. This is particularly true for growth stage entrepreneurs who typically see many clones of their businesses pop up worldwide, often with a local twist. Timely connected partners who know these markets can help you expand in an intelligent way and greatly improve your speed of execution to win the market.

We founded Geodesic Capital in Silicon Valley to invest in rapidly growing technology companies facing exactly these problems. We help entrepreneurs as they expand into Asia – starting with Japan. Our team has extensive experience in both markets and is uniquely qualified to guide today’s most promising growth-stage companies as they embark on their global journey.

We invest in exceptional entrepreneurs who are building the underlying technologies and platforms of the future.

Our value proposition

Geodesic Capital is a new type of VC firm. Rooted in both Silicon Valley and Japan, we fund rapidly growing tech companies. We provide unparalleled access to senior-level executives, partners and government officials that our portfolio companies need to thrive abroad.

On the ground, our subsidiary, Geodesic Japan, has a team of experts to provide unique market insights, sophisticated “go to market” strategies, introductions to top talent and key partners that companies need in order to start successfully.